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Friday, July 21, 2006

It's been a while

It's been almost a year since I've last posted.
2nd year was freakin' crazy and I just forgot about my blogging.
Now that I've finished taking my Boards, I thought I might start up again.

So keep checking the site out for any updates.

In the meantime, check out this new website that's about to launch. It's super useful for those who buy books often:

Thursday, August 04, 2005

That's a picture of all the cousins on my dad's side for Michelle's (the girl in white standing next to Greg in the military uniform) wedding banquet in SF Posted by Picasa

That's the future Reed Hall 6B at bennigans...Christine has her hair done cuz she was a bridesmaid for a friend back at home the day before Posted by Picasa

There's Sonali, Peggy and Alan passing out at the club in Houston... Posted by Picasa

There's Alan, Justin, Catherine and Peggy at Catherine's wedding...obviously!! Isn't she a doll??! Posted by Picasa

That's my brother's Lizzy Pooh on Lombard Street in SF...she's in Sri Lanka right now, working at an orphanage Posted by Picasa

That's me pretending I can fly...Bet you can't guess what bridge is behind me :) Posted by Picasa

That's my brother thinking near the Golden Gate Bridge...I think his head hurts and that's why he's upset Posted by Picasa

That's me having my first In and Out Meal in SF...it was quite yummy Posted by Picasa

summer update

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've last posted...i remembered when I used to post like everyday when I first signed up for this thing...

Summer's been good...really busy...been working at lab and shadowing clinicians and doing all the extracurricular stuff:
Monday: Bible study--we're reading the gospel of Mark and it's been really interesting. I really love our bible study group...we went out for crabs and maggie moo's one night and saw charlie and the chocolate factory another night...
Tuesday: Tap dancing with Leilani and Nicole...been going well...I usually catch on to dance pretty fast
Wednesday: Voice Lessons at the Peabody...they're over now but they were really good...I'm looking to find the money to pay for lessons for the upcoming year and the time to practice.
Thursday: Fresh Start Tutoring and Men's clinic...the tutoring was Roberto's idea and it's been really great teaching the students basic math...the only bad thing is that i broke the front wheel of my bike on my second trip over there...Men's Clinic is good...been getting better at using the blood pressure cuff thingie ( i forget the medical term) and i've started listening to the lungs and stuff

My Weekends have been amazing: I've only been in Baltimore for one weekend all summer. I've been to DC twice, NY twice, california and houston. This weekend I'm off to Boston.

I've also been helping plan Orientation, MD/PhD retreat and stuff...Orientation has been fun planning cuz all these first years email me and they're so excited...they add like 10 exclamation points at the end of each sentence...i just say, wait until they burn out :)

Being busy has been really good for me because I don't miss my friends so much...but I get tired really easily and some nights I just wish I could pass out for 12 hours...

Well, I'm gonna post some pictures now...


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

my fear of hugging

In the past two weeks, a bunch of my med school friends have left for the summer and the issue of hugging and physical contact came up. I often have issues when it comes to hugging people (to say goodbye) because I get uncomfortable with being touched. Peggy tells me that I don't hug like I mean it and my ex told me I didn't hug as tightly as other girls. Catherine also faces similar issues and we both pinned the problem as being a result of something from the past. I think I wasn't hugged enough growing up and hugging wasn't a big thing in my family. But it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy a meaningful hug from my friends...it just takes time for me to feel comfortable doing it with each person.

I bring this up because I had this conversation with some guy and he wrote, "Its ironic how the "lack" of what you needed as a child has resulted in your basically giving that same behavior to others". At first, I blew off his comments as his just probably wanting sex , but then as I kept rereading that statement, it really started worrying me. Do my friends get offended when I don't hug them as much as others do or when I retract whenever I get touched? Am I not going to hug my kids enough when they grow up and make them have the same problem? I'd like to think that I'll hug my kids all the time because I love hugging kids now...they're so innocent. I just get shy when it comes to adults because the media and my parents have poisoned my mind about physical contact...well, hopefully I'll get over this soon, because apparently my lack of open affection have turned potentials away....

Sunday, June 19, 2005

June #2: Here's the last picture that our suite took together: From the top clockwise: Sonali, Peggy, Caitlin and Me. And yah, that's a new hairstyle for me. Posted by Hello

June #1: Here's one of the last pictures taken as first years. Well actually, we were no longer first years in this picture. We had just finished our exam 12 hours ago in this picture. Here you'll see Daraspreet, Cyrus and Kenny Posted by Hello

May #2: Here are the MudPhuds after the White Coat Ceremony...it's the second biggest event (next to graduation) in our medical school career. Posted by Hello

May #1: That's a few of us at Catherine's HOT Bachelorette party. I would post more scandalous pictures but what would happen if Justin found them...hehe. Say Hi to some of the finest ladies of our class: Sonali, Nancy, Catherine, me, Christine and Heidi Posted by Hello

April #2: This picture brings me a lot of joy and grief to look at. It's the 12 of us at the triathlon finish line. Don't want to say much more about it...you can read it in my May blog Posted by Hello

April #1: This is a picture of something I am most proud of achieving my first year at medical school. You'll notice it has nothing to do with academics...well mostly. I am most proud of having gotten 17 of my classmates, one faculty member and myself to put on a medical school rendtion of the Cell Block Tango. It took a lot of persuading to get some of the guys to do it, but I'm so glad they said yes becuase they did an absolutely phenomenal job. Obviously you can't see everyone clearly in this picture, but I have to say my thanks to everyone: Front row (L to R) Allen, Me (lyricist and lead), Tricia, Roger (choreographer), Tiffany (Lead), Megan (choreographer), Matt, Heidi (choreographer and lead), Amy
Back row: Jon (Lead), Nancy, Peggy , Christine (choreographer), Geoff (lead), Catherine (lyricist), Nicole, Steve (lead), Sonali

We put this is on for the First Year Show to show the prospies that Hopkins was more than academics. I was stage manager with my girl, Alice, and I must say it was a big pain in the ass. But somehow, Bushey, Alice and me all somehow pulled it together at the very last minute. Posted by Hello

March #2: This is also one of my most favorite pictures. Honestly, did you ever think you would see two of the most handsome and masculine guys in our class (Brian and Tai-Li) wear Care Bear hats for a birthday party? This was at my birthday party, one of the best ever. I was so happy with what Peggy and Sonali planned that I wanted to cry. Best Suitemates Ever. Posted by Hello

March #1: This is a picture of Amit and Frank advertising for the East Baltimore Community Talent Show. It was Shantanu's idea to feature the talent of members of the local community. It was a huge success and of course the food was great ;P Posted by Hello

February #2: I really wanted to post a picture of the time we went snowboarding because at least I'm in them, but this one is so much better...This is us (well I'm taking the picture) in the elevator after a massive snowball fight...We look like a mess but that's cuz things got a little crazy out there...Daraspreet is holding a garbage can that was full of water before he dumped it on Chris and Brian. From left to right: Daraspreet, Chris, Brian, Nancy, Giannina, and Annie Posted by Hello

February #1: That's our anatomy group at a post anatomy party...yah, i'm really red from drinking a quarter of a "sex on the beach." Despite our quarreling every single day, I'm really glad we stuck together as a group because they became some of my closest friends here....I mean, who wouldn't expect four asian girls to hit it off :) Right, Phil? Posted by Hello

January #2: Another rock climbing picture...that's cuz I didn't get out too much in January because Anatomy decided it wanted to take over my life...But this is Steve and my attempt to make him look like he was climbing really high up...didn't work out too well, but the face makes it all worth it. Posted by Hello

January #1: That's our group going rock climbing...I dunno what's up with the spots...But, it was our last attempt at the Alternative Sports BYOB. I had a blast! Posted by Hello

December, #2: I've already posted this picture before but it has to be one of my all time favorites. It shows the awesome friendship my suite had with all the suites on the floor, especially the boys' suite. This picture was just the beginning to all the pranks we played on each other...from stealing chairs, to turning furniture upside down, to posting tampon ads all over the boys' room and to being "peeped" by the boys. I'm going to truly miss being down the hall from some of the greatest guys in our class. But next year, some really great guys are still going to be staying in Reed and hopefully the tradition of pranking will continue Posted by Hello

December, #1: In my spare time as a medical student, I threw a holiday party, to which 25+ people came. Our suite was a little cramped, but overall I think it was an awesome party Posted by Hello

November, #2: Here's us at Karaoke and a random Korean lounge...We went out to celebrate Sonali's and Catherine's Birthday. You'll find some of my closest friends here. From left to right: Sonali, Fay, Catherine, Christine, Jen and Peggy Posted by Hello

November, #1: Here's a picture of Sonali's and Catherine's Birthday party...Sorry the quality sucks, but it shows how close our floor and friends are Posted by Hello

October #2: This is one of my favorite pictures...Look at all those fine looking guys :) This is a picture of us after playing paintball..I sucked at it and it was a pain to organize, but I'm glad everyone had a great time Posted by Hello